Togetherness – Holiday Lunch In Ashland!

Over the past few years the corporate holiday party seems to have gone the way of the typewriter.  That is, it still exists but it’s considered “old school”.  I’ve done no formal research aside from the fact that half the companies I’ve worked for in the past decade have passed on holiday get-togethers for financial reasons but, it seems to be a holiday story recited almost as often as “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.  It’s a bummer but it’s understandable.

Maybe that’s why our Butler Family luncheon today is so special.  It’s not an annual tradition, it’s not corporate policy.  It’s a sincere desire to acknowledge the magic of the season and share it with the people we spend the most time with outside of our homes.

The Marketing Department is proud to say our very own Sandra LaNier made today’s feast happen (thank you, Sandra!)  She spoke up about a week ago saying she thought we needed to mark the holidays.  So she picked a date, created a beautiful potluck sign-up sheet, took a copy to every department, and balanced the offerings so we wouldn’t wind up with a 16-foot table loaded with chips and dip.

And it’s beautiful.  People actually cooked.  Judy brought pot roast.  Thad and Tess, mac-n-cheese.  Jason and Patti whipped up Deviled Eggs, and Joel made stuffed pasta shells.  Lasagna, potato salad, veggies, fruit, and meatballs.   Barbecued pork, bean salad, french bread, brie and crackers… and we haven’t even mentioned the dessert table.  I’m fighting a sugar low as we speak.

There are no speeches, no caroling, no gift exchanges.  No bands, no formal clothes, no extravagant production.   It’s just another day at the dealership…  Except it isn’t.  Employees are coming from the far corners of the company to share a meal, share stories, share togetherness.  If just for a few minutes, the figurative “Butler Family” is a real one.  And isn’t that what the holidays are all about?


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