A New Year’s Resolution That’s Easy to Keep

Come January first, hordes of Americans will pledge to lose weight, eat well, take better care of themselves. They’ll invest in work-out duds, how-to books, memberships to the gym. They’ll count reps, count calories, count the number of days ‘til they can put away another hot fudge sundae…

And they’ll fail.

I’m not saying you’ll be one of them; you very well may beat the odds. I’m just acknowledging that the easy part of resolutions is making them. The hard part, as with most things, is the follow-through. Anybody can give you a runner’s log but, to reap the benefits, you yourself have to hit the treadmill. No one can do it for you.

… Unless your resolution is to take better care of your car or truck. Now you’re talkin’! Because that’s one resolution you can make but someone else can make *happen*! Just drop your vehicle off at the Service Center at Butler Kia and we’ll drain and replace your oil, replace the oil filter, check your air filter, check and adjust your tire pressure, check and top off all fluids, check your battery, and conduct a multi-point inspection, starting at $29.95.

That way, between you and your wheels, at least one of you will be running consistently.

Visit: http://www.butlerman.com/specials/service.htm


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