Support Breast Cancer Awareness at – Warriors in Pink

The next time you have the urge to go on-line to shop, stop by the Ford website –  Not to buy a new rig (although you’re welcome to do that as well! Stop here first: ) but to browse Ford’s Warriors in Pink clothing . The company says 100% of the net proceeds go to Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation. From t-shirts to ties, and even car decals, you’ll find lots to tempt your fancy. Plenty of other shoppers certainly have: Ford’s already raised more than $105 million to the cause! To join the Warriors, go to



  1. I feel for every woman that’s had to go threw this hideous disease cancer sucks I know about cancer I had liver cancer so everyone with breast cancer your in my prayers LOL bye.


  2. Logged on to buy a pink shirt and scarf, (like in the ads on NCIS and NCIS LA) NOT to see a ford commercial or buy a ford. I have tried twice to log on to see what you have. But I get redirected to
    this butler BS. Your loss. I will take my money to an other source and buy pink. Thanks for nothing Butler Auto Group. I may even report this to the BBB. P.S. No ford vehicles in my future either.


    1. Hi Jim,
      I’m sorry you’re having trouble finding the items you’re interested in. Both the scarf and pink shirt are sold through Ford’s Warriors in Pink program and,although this blog site frequently includes entries about and we have never claimed to sell any of the Warriors in Pink items. If the links in the blog don’t work for you go ahead and copy and paste the two mentioned here. I hope this helps!
      – – Shannon, Butler Auto Group


  3. I have neen cancer free pn November 19 it will be 22in years. Thank you lord and thank everyone who is helping with the research god bless you all.


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