Rain or Shine: The Allure of the Road Trip

June.  The word conjures up images of lengthening days, BBQs, fresh sunburns, and water sports… at least, those are the contents of the dream bubble above my head.  The reality is that this first day of June is marked by a ridiculously low snow level, horizontal rain and a temperature somewhere between “chilly” and “absurd.”  All the activities typically associated with summer have yet to become feasible.  All except one: the road trip.

Don’t get me wrong – warm, dry weather is ideal for packing up the family wagon and heading for parts unknown (or known, if that’s what you prefer).  But there’s something about inclement weather (tornadoes, blizzards, and hurricanes excepted) that can enhance the adventure.  Maybe it’s the mystery… Oregon’s down-comforter fog makes knowing what’s around the next bend next to impossible.    Maybe it’s the coziness factor… there’s something nurturing about being confined in a temperature-controlled vehicle while wind and rain whirl outside.  Or maybe it’s just that the feeling of freedom brought on by a few unscheduled days, a full tank of gas, and an open road doesn’t fade away just because blue skies do.

So, check the oil and the tire pressure, pack for a night or two out of town, throw in the I-Pod and a random assortment of snacks, and let’s see where the road takes us.  If we’re lucky, we might find the sun.


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