“Falling Skies” Premiere Features Limited Commercial Interruptions – Now We’re Talkin’!

What do Hyundai and Steven Spielberg have in common? No, it’s not a riddle! They’re both working on a new drama to premiere on TNT this weekend! We all know that great TV needs great advertisers to pay for it—we may not always like it but it’s true. But this Sunday, June 19th something unusual is happening – a darkly futuristic TV show starring Noah Wyle, called “Falling Skies” with limited commercials interruptions… but when the show *is* interrupted you’ll be amazed to see what’s new with Hyundai.

“Falling Skies” portrays Wyle, of “ER” fame, as a former college professor who leads the human fight for survival against an alien invasion.

Spielberg and DreamWorks Television are bringing the show to the small screen. Hyundai’s sponsorship will allow it to be aired with limited commercial interruptions to make it even better. So everything about the show will be new!! Check your local listings for the show’s time.

Then, join Hyundai and Spielberg in their fight to save the human race!



  1. Features Limited Commercial Interruptions = 38 minutes of commercial breaks and 1 hour & 22 minutes of story?


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