Acura and the Flooding in Thailand

In the grand scheme of things the bad news is relatively minor: nearly a year after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan halted the manufacturing of many automotive parts, flooding in Thailand is doing the same.  While most Acura components are built at plants in North America, some of the electronics included in Honda’s luxury brand come out of Thailand… from plants that currently sit underwater.

The flooding began in late July and has since claimed more than 55 lives, shut down thousands of firms, and is now threatening the capital of Bangkok.  Reuter’s reports Thai consumer confidence has fallen to a ten year low.

If there is any good news, at least on the Acura front, it’s that production is expected to ramp back up in early 2012.  In the meantime, the company’s doing what it can to avoid layoffs, eliminating Saturday overtime work, and even enforcing a “non-production day” on Friday, November 11th, when we in the U.S. will be honoring Veteran’s Day.  Let’s keep the Thai people in our thoughts, as well.


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