Ford and NPR Make History With First In-Car News App

Ford’s breaking into the radio industry! Well, kind of. It was announced at the International Auto Show in Detroit today that the automaker and NPR are teaming up to allow Ford drivers access to just about any public radio station and any public radio program in the country from… anywhere! Thanks to a new version of the NPR News iPhone and Android app, Ford drivers can personalize their listening experience by organizing shows, skipping among stories and even pausing live radio!

And even more fun… the app is voice controlled! Thanks to Ford SYNCH Applink technology in the dashboard of the new Mustang, Fusion, Focus, Fiesta and F150, all it takes is a couple of voice commands to access your favorite NPR programming from any of your favorite member stations. NPR is the first news organization to go public with an in-car streaming app. NPR says partnering with Ford just made sense since it’s projected “30 million Americans will be driving cars with Internet access” in as few as five years. Ford hopes to expand the technology to its other models in the near future.


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