Men vs. Women: Who’s the Worse Driver?

There’s a whole lot of finger pointing when it comes to the question of who’s the worse driver, men or women.  Ask any spouse of either gender and he or she will say the other’s name, without fail.

But online insurance quote provider says this is one contest men claim title to, whether they want the dishonor or not.  In a study called “Women are Bad Drivers: Fact or Fiction?” the organization compared traffic violations, accidents, and insurance statistics and prices from 2007.  According to the numbers, an overwhelming percentage of serious to fatal accidents were caused by male drivers: 6 million to 4.4 million.  The Y-chromosomes also racked up considerably more DUI’s and other traffic violations.

On the other hand… The study says men drove more miles than women.  And comments logged after the study was published online question whether the accident figures were accurate given that so many fender benders, or wrecks on private property, may not have been reported.  It should also be noted that all bad drivers do not cause accidents or draw the attention of police.

Either way, unless you’re selling insurance, the study’s asking the wrong question.  With more than 10 million auto accidents recorded in just 365 days, it seems the real issue is how to convince *both sexes* to pay better attention.

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