John Butler (of the John Butler Trio) Stars in SBS1’s “Who Do You Think You Are?”

You may already know that Jonn Butler, rockstar activist from Australia, is the nephew of Chuck Butler, founder and President of Butler Automotive Group.  But you could know a whole lot more about the Butlers… if only you had access to SBS1, Australia’s self-described “multicultural and multilingual broadcaster”.  That’s because the younger Butler was featured this week on a taping of the popular show “Who Do You Think You Are?”, a series that follows celebrities as they investigate their heritage.  We in the states may be geoblocked from watching Butler’s episode but YouTube provided us with a glimpse:

From “Who Do You Think You Are?“:  “Rock star and activist John Butler is searching for his heritage hoping to find poets, musicians and revolutionaries. In “Who Do You Think You Are?” he traces the Butler name back through generations of hardship to a matriarch who sang for her survival. Then he follows his Bulgarian ancestry to the mountain town of Koprivshtitsa and to an ancestor caught up in a violent revolt, central to the birth of a nation.”


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