Dating Service for Married People Says BMW Owners More Likely to Cheat

I’m not a proponent of stereotyping people but information recently released by, an online dating service claiming to be the largest in the United Kingdom for married people, begs to be addressed. is calling attention to what appears to be a link between financial success and infidelity.  Of the site’s 640,000 members more than 19-percent of the men and 11-percent of the women drive Beemers (on the flip side, adulterers appear to shun Renault, MG, Fiat and Chrysler).

It’s no secret that the rich and powerful are often unfaithful – think Tiger Woods, Newt Gingrich and Arnold Schwarzenegger. spokesperson Rosie Freeman-Jones says, “There is an intrinsic link between success and cheating. Successful people are often risk-takers, and have got to where they are by setting their standards high. However, these people are also less likely to settle for unsatisfying relationships or monotony.”  But I’d guess infidelity is not the sole domain of the recently dubbed 1%  – maybe the other 99% are just less likely to pay a dating site to find a partner.  Regardless, if we are going to stereotype based on vehicle make and model, I’ll gladly pass on the performance machines and stick with my beat up, utilitarian and yes, faithful, Jeep.

To read the whole article:


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