Too Big for Our Buggies: How Weight Affects Fuel Economy

big belly encircled by measureing tapeAlong with lowering your risk of heart disease and diabetes, dropping your blood pressure, increasing your confidence, bettering your sleep, and improving your mood consider yet another apparent benefit of losing weight:  increased fuel economy.  Vehicles have gotten increasingly heavier as automakers focused on improving safety and comfort.  But with strict new fuel economy standards coming down the pike, manufacturers are now doing all they can to trim the fat.  Which gets me thinking… Americans just keep packing on the pounds.  With the auto industry’s general rule being that each 100 pounds equals one mile per gallon, maybe we should take a tip from automakers and do what we can to slim our own frame down.  And even if you don’t notice a difference in your mpgs,  you’re sure to experience at least some of the other benefits of losing weight!

For more on  how automakers are “slimming” down their products visit


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