Three Butler Brands Make’s List of the “Coolest Cars Under $18,000”

The automobile market is more competitive than ever… which makes it all the more exciting when the makes and models we at Butler Automotive Group specialize in win awards. So imagine our pride upon learning three of the brands we sell made’s annual list of the ten “Coolest Cars Under $18,000”! Here’s the short list:

2012 Hyundai Veloster: calls the three-door hatchback with the hybrid name (a cross between “velocity” and “roadster “) one of the most distinctive cars available at any price.

2012 Ford Fiesta:

In a sea of compact cars the Fiesta stands out for its fuel efficiency (up to40 mpg) and design. says the Fiesta admirably pulls off a look that’s both “small and bold”.

2012 Kia Soul:

We love the head room but digs the Soul’s “unique blend of funky style and practical packaging”. An additional 2012 dose of horsepower doesn’t hurt, either.

For the entire list of the “Coolest Cars Under $18,000” visit


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