Parking: What Our Cars Do Most

Image by Oleg Mitiukhin from

The American love affair with the automobile has been well documented: From the Beach Boys harmonizing about their “Little GTO” to the fantasy of the flying Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to the talking cars in the movie of the same name, we pin names, personalities, hopes and dreams on our wheels. We drive ‘em, we shine ‘em, we show ‘em off, we use ‘em and we abuse ‘em. But a new report from the International Parking Institute sheds new light on what we do most with our buggies: We park ‘em.

The 2012 Emerging Trends in Parking survey says our rides spend 90% of the time sitting stationary. It also reports that 30% of drivers in city traffic are looking to park. That has city planners and designers coming up with all kinds of creative ideas to distribute parking evenly, make some parking spots more attractive than others, even encourage drivers to park in certain places at certain times of day. Check out this podcast from the radio show “99 Percent Invisible” on the subject:

And take peek at the survey: might learn something that could make your daily driving time a little easier.  After all, life may be about the journey.  But the stress is over where you’re going to park when you get there.

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