Ford’s Partnership with LEGOland Florida (and the resulting Ford Explorer)

red Ford Explorer built with LEGOsIf your childhood was anything like mine it was littered with LEGOs. The ultimate medium for creative kids, the plastic blocks could be snapped together into just about anything. My brother and I built fantasy lands complete with skyscrapers and spaceships long before LEGO sold theme kits like “architecture” and “Star Wars”.

As an adult, I am pleasantly delighted to find my path once again crossing that of my favorite building blocks now that Ford Motor Corporation has partnered with the LEGOland Florida theme park. In fact, workers at Ford’s Chicago Assembly Plant last Fall built a nearly full-sized Ford Explorer entirely out of LEGOs! It took more than 380,000 bricks and three months to construct. Watch the time lapse below. We think it’s beautiful but we have a couple questions. Does it run? And if so, when will the kit become available?



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