What’s Your Driving Style?

When Allstate Insurance released its 2012 “America’s Best Drivers Report” earlier this week we got to wondering:  Why do some people drive aggressively while others take care to drive the speed limit?  Do we have driving styles like we have personality styles?

We didn’t have to look far.  Turns out Allstate also studied this issue, asking 2,500 drivers to fill out an on-line survey back in 2003.  The data broke down into five distinct categories of drivers.

  1. 23% of drivers are “Auto-Matics”
    These drivers tend to be unsure about their feelings regarding driving.  Some don’t like it at all. They may also been in need of a self-esteem boost;  Allstate’s study reports this group of drivers was less likely than the others to describe themselves as “smart” or “confident” behind the wheel.  They do, however, like to drive fast and, while some may not enjoy the act of driving, they do like their car and enjoy when their vehicle gets noticed.
  2. 21% are “Auto-Nomous”
    Mostly male, this group likes driving, being in their car, and enjoying the view.  They also describe themselves as “rugged” and “powerful” and, as such, frequently choose an SUV or truck.  Not surprisingly, they also complain about the price of gas.
  3. 17% are “Auto-Bahners”
    As the name suggests, these drivers like speed and frequently drive up to 20-miles an hour above the speed limit.  They describe themselves as “good” but “aggressive” drivers, and seem to be more prone to fits of road rage and drunk driving than other groups.  Most have been ticketed for speeding.
  4. 15% are “Auto-Pragmatics”
    This group takes pride in cleanliness, safety and efficiency.  They are more likely than the others to describe themselves as “cautious”, “confident”, and “economically conscious”.  Interestingly, a majority of “auto-pragmatics” are female and unemployed, mostly due to retirement.
  5. 15% are “Auto-Pilots”
    This is where you’ll find many soccer-moms.  Almost 2/3 of “auto-pilots” ‘are female, half have kids under 18, and more in this group than any other drive a mini-van.  They value reliability.  And nearly a third say they’d rather make the trip as a passenger.

To learn more about the results of the “You Are What You Drive” survey, visit http://www.roadandtravel.com/newsworthy/newsandviews03/allstatesurvey2.htm.  Then, check back here and tell us which group you fall into!


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