Coolest Car Ever

With our recent acquisition of the 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 (above) conversation around Butler Auto Group has centered around muscle cars, their appeal, their competition, and where they fall in the ranks of the “coolest cars ever”.  So, we took a little poll.  Here are some of our car guys’ (and gal’s) picks for their favorite vehicle of all time.  Our panel (below), in order consists of Rex, Randy, Chris, Pete, Warren, Chuck, Coach (Mike), Rich, Joel and Shan.  Do you agree with our picks?




Rex: ’69 Dodge Charger, aka the “General Lee”

Randy:  ’69-70 Dodge Challenger

Chris: ’67 Ford Bronco

Peter:  ’67 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, aka “Eleanor”

Warren: ’69 Mustang GT Fastback – gold, like the one he owned after high school, or just about any Ford F-150 Platinum.

Chuck:  ’69 original Shelby Cobra

Coach:  ’69 Roadrunner (with a 426 Hemi.  This is a photo of the car he owned back in the ’70s.)

Rich: ’66 Mustang convertible

Joel:  ’73 Ford Factory “Highboy”

’67 Ford Bronco or ’73 Jeep Gladiator


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