The Many Joys of Driving

















When we ran across this graphic on Pintrest today we smiled.  Then we went on to consider some of the other joys we’ve experienced behind the wheel.   Here’s our list of happy moments.  Please feel free to add to it.

  1. The second the heater warms up enough to start blowing hot air
  2. When you’re in bumper-to-bumper traffic and suddenly the road ahead of you clears up
  3. When you’ve nowhere to go, nothing to do, and a full tank of gas to burn
  4. Any warm, sunny day you can roll the windows down and sing along with your favorite tunes
  5. When a car pulls out of the parking space closest to your destination just as you approach it
  6. When your gas gauge lights up to tell you you have 50 miles until “E” and your navigation device simultaneously lights up with the location of every nearby gas station
  7. When you glance around to change lanes but then make a split second decision to check your blind spot mirror which alerts you to the presence of a vehicle you’d missed
  8. When every red light turns green before you even have to slow down
  9. The gratitude you feel when you consider speeding but don’t, and then round a corner to find a state trooper
  10. When there’s no line at the drive-thru

And our all-time favorite:
When, a few miles after having been tailgated, harassed and swerved around by an erratic driver who then races off, you pass the same driver pulled over by state police.


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