Zappos and the 13th Annual Digital Dealer Conference in Las Vegas

It’s not necessarily true that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  I know because I’ve been getting regular updates from Karen Fronek, the owner of Butler’s marketing company, Make It Happen.  Karen and Butler owner Warren Cooper are attending the 13th annual Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition at the Mirage Hotel where they’re learning all about new trends in internet and technology as it pertains to automotive marketing.  They have more than 100 sessions and workshops to choose from including classes taught by speakers from Google and Facebook.  There are more than 100 vendors displaying the latest in products and services.  And there are field trips!  What better way to learn from the big boys of internet sales and customer service than to visit them?  Karen and Warren spent Tuesday at on-line shoe retailer Zappos (photos below).  While Karen admits she – like nearly every other attendee – is overwhelmed with information she’s also taking copious notes.  So, even though bits and pieces are bound to get lost (and ultimately stay) in Vegas, plenty of information will make it back to the Rogue Valley to be put to good use!



(Photos of Zappos.  Clockwise from upper left: The “Goal Counseling” room, the desk of owner/founder Tony Hsieh, a reminder of the importance of corporate culture, Halloween decorations)


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