Woman to Retrace Historic Global Roadtrip in Vintage Car

Heidi Hetzer

Heidi Hetzer

If you were to drive around the world, what would be your vehicle of choice? Something sturdy, reliable, and fuel efficient, right? Wrong. At least that’s not the rationale of Heidi Hetzer. The 75-year old German business woman not only wants to circumnavigate the globe but she wants to do it in a 91-year old Hispano-Suiza roadster. And she plans to follow the route of another determined female driver, Clarenore Stinnes, who in May of 1927 became the first person to travel the globe by automobile.

The rest of us might worry about embarking upon such a taxing trip in such an elderly vehicle without a road crew. But not Hetzer. Her love of automobiles started when she served as a mechanic at her father’s Berlin Opel dealership, a business she eventually ran with great success. And when she wasn’t working she was racing. Autoblog reports Hetzer’s more than 50 years of competitive driving have earned her more than 150 prizes. She’ll take the starting line for her global road trip in 2014.

Heidi Hetzer

Clarenore Stinnes

Sources: www.autoblog.com; www.the-car-addict.com; www.wikipedia.com


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