Butler Ford Becomes Oregon’s Only Roush Dealer

The 2103 Roush Mustang driven by our Roush regional sales manager

We are SO excited! Butler Ford is now the only distributor of Roush performance vehicles in the entire state of Oregon! We’re expecting the first of two Roush Mustang in the next couple days. AND we expect to be getting a Roush RAPTOR, too! But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Those of you who love Mustangs (or NASCAR) already know about Jack Roush, racing legend and former Ford engineer. Roush Performance is a recognized distributor of performance vehicles and parts that incorporate cutting edge racing technology. Here’s how the Roush website describes the company’s work:

“ROUSH Performance is the first specialty-vehicle company to combine race-proven technologies with advanced automotive engineering. The result, a unique mix of street car and race car…Is a ROUSH car. Or more specifically, a ROUSH Mustang or F-150 pickup with styling, performance, and handling characteristics derived from the racetrack and modified for street legal usage.”

The company’s also committed to manufacturing all its products in America. So yeah, we’re pumped! Not only will we be able to provide you with race-ready vehicles but we’ll also be able to use Roush parts to soup up the vehicle you already own!

And even if you don’t put a Roush car or truck in your driveway you can still be a member of the Roush Road Crew. The membership based program entitles you to special access to Roush events, swag, and discounts on parts and apparel, all for just $35 a year.

So, keep an eye on www.butlerford.com for the arrival of our new, coveted Roush Mustangs and rare Roush Raptor. Believe me, we can’t wait to show them off. When it comes to high performance vehicles, Butler Ford owner Chuck Butler says, just like Jack Roush, “We have this in our blood.”

2013 Roush Raptor in "Terrain" white
2013 Roush Raptor in “Terrain” white

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