Singing in the Car

Wayne and Garth sing Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” in “Wayne’s World”

As a member of that group of drivers who love to sing in the car, I gave serious consideration to the purchase of a convertible.  After all, my singing doesn’t offend me but, who’m I to inflict my version of Abba’s greatest hits on the guy next to me at the stop light?  It occurred to me that I might have more of an audience than anticipated if my vehicle lacked a substantial roof.  Still, they say the truth will prevail, and the truth is, I love to sing.  So, I bought the convertible… and the Abba CD… and now do my darnedest to reign in my diva self when others can hear me. I know I’m not alone! There’s a whole contingent of us! So, in honor of the oft-mocked but always happy car-crooner, here’re a few of our favorite movie/TV scenes featuring auto-artistes (minus, due to copyright issues, our absolute favorite: Wayne and Garth singing Bohemian Rhapsody in “Wayne’s World”). Enjoy!

By the way, vehicle vocalists, what’re your favorite tunes to rock out to while you drive?


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