2013 Roush Stage 3 Mustang

A couple weeks ago we hollered the news that Butler Ford is now the only dealer of Roush vehicles in Oregon. Today, we’re excited to say our first Roush Mustang is on the lot with more, including a Roush Raptor, to come. Butler Ford Sales Manager Joel Nickerson andI took the 2013 Roush Stage 3 Mustang for a spin. Here’s what Joel had to say about it: “It’s sexy and good lookin’. I was shocked at how light it felt. I’d ask it to do something and it was like it was reading my mind; It was already doing it.” We both thought it drove like a dream, handled beautifully, and sported some serious get-up-and-go… as a performance vehicle like a Roush should.

As for its appearance, we both love the fact that the paint job, while sporting Roush graphics, is understated. This is a vehicle for the serious afficianado; one who appreciates the weight behind the Roush name but doesn’t need to brag. The Roush quietly goes about its business as a performance car. As Joel put it, “It’s a sleeper”. Until you lay on the gas. Then everyone wakes up and takes notice.



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