It’s Election Day 2012… VOTE!

American flagIt’s finally here, election day 2012.  Hallelujiah!  We’re excited to be able to participate in Democracy.  We’re excited to have the opportunity to affect change.  Most of all, we’re excited the election is almost over!

In case you still have questions about your ballot or the process we’ve included a list of links for you to visit to find election information,  results, and a little bit of history.  Then, do your part and VOTE!

For all things election related in Oregon, including ballot drop-off sites Voter’s Guide, and ballot counts, visit

Election Results, Southern Oregon
Jackson County:
Josephine County:
Klamath County:

Election Overview
A comprehensive look at the presidential and statewide elections from the Washington Post:

Electoral College
The history behind, purpose of, and arguments for and against the Electoral College:

History of  Democracy
Prepare yourself for a journey.  This explanation goes all the way back to the sixth century B.C.:

History of American Presidential Elections
What a long, strange trip it’s been:

The Strangest Presidential Elections:

Our Favorite Presidential Debate Spoof


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