Hyundai/Kia Reimburse Owners for Errors in Fuel Efficiency Ratings

By now you’ve heard the news stories about testing problems causing Hyundai and Kia to overstate mileage claims on some 2011-2013 vehicles.  The companies are now going out of its way to make the situation right.  The automakers have set up websites where you can access information, resources, and a calculator to determine whether/how much you should be reimbursed for unexpected fuel costs associated with the mistake.

Here’re the steps to take:

  1. Log onto  or to determine whether your vehicle is affected by the fuel economy rating change.
  2. If your vehicle qualifies, use the website tool to register and get an estimate of your reimbursement amount, which will be based on the model you own, your odometer reading, and the average gas price in your area.  In addition, as an acknowledgement of the inconvenience this may cause, the automakers will add an extra 15% to your reimbursement amount.
  3. Finally, at your convenience, visit your dealer who will verify your current odometer reading and Hyundai/Kia will arrange for a debit card to be sent to you.

Both companies will extend the reimbursement for as long as you own your vehicle.

In the meantime, Hyundai and Kia have fixed the testing issues that gave rise to the problems, and look forward to meeting their fuel efficiency goals in the future.


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