Thanksgiving Travel

AAA is predicting more than 39-million Americans will travel by car as they head over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house this Thanksgiving.  That means traffic galore and, inevitably, some mishaps.  If you haven’t already, check out our list of items to carry with you in an emergency kit.  And, just in case, read the following list of best practices should you wind up broken down on the side of the road.

AAA Tips: How to Stay Safe When Stranded on Roadside

Motorists stranded on the roadside should always take extra precautions to make sure everyone in their vehicle is safe, including:

1.  Pull off to the right side of the road. Try to pull over onto the shoulder where you are NOT in danger of getting struck by traffic.

2.  Turn on your hazard lights. Make certain your vehicle is visible to other drivers by turning on your vehicle’s emergency flashers. If your lights do not work, exit the vehicle.

3.  Exit your vehicle opposite the side of oncoming traffic. If you exit your vehicle, wait as far away from it and traffic as possible. Try to stand on a sidewalk or behind a guardrail.

4.  Call the police for assistance. If you are concerned for your safety and need assistance with traffic control, call local law enforcement for help.

If winter weather is a concern we’ve put together a list of links to help you plan accordingly.  And, if you’re traveling with kids you might want to take steps to guarantee you don’t lose your mind!  We’ve compiled an assortment of ideas to make family road trips more fun and less stressful.  Visit us at

Safe holiday travels!


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