Giving Thanks

Norman Vincent Peale promoted “The Power of Positive Thinking”.   “The Secret” prompted us to consider the Law of Attraction.  Oprah reminded us, as had many before her, that what we focus on expands.  And, now, many of us are keeping “gratitude journals” to keep our attention placed squarely on the positive.  For whatever reason – whether to bring more riches into our life, or to remind us how good we already have it – many of us are honing the art of giving thanks.  So, we asked some of our co-workers this Thanksgiving what, aside from their friends and family, they’re most thankful for.  Topping the list:  Family, and all of YOU: our friends, co-workers and customers!  Here’s the rest of the list:

“Adventures!”                                    “Today.”                                    “My health.”
Kayla                                              ~ Rex                                           ~ John

“Freedom to make                  “A well-organized                     “Old Glory.  We have
choices because                          keyboard.  I’m                             a country where
there are a lot of                          always trying                                  our flag flies
places where people                   to find keys!”                                       freely.”
don’t have that                                ~ Rocky                                           ~ Rich
~ Warren

“The option of                                 “Wakin’ up                            “Good health.  I live
either Dutch Bros.                           every day                                in a free country.
or Human Bean                              and breathin’.”                  I have a roof over my head,
coffee right                                      ~ Randy                                  and I’m employed.”
across the                                                                                              ~ Michael
~ Mike

We’d love to hear what you’re thankful for…  And if you like the thought of giving thanks more often, visit for some ideas for starting your own “gratitude journal”.  Have a beautiful, warm, loving, and safe Thanksgiving!


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