Kia Beat Pop Game and Contest

2013 Kia Picanto

2013 Kia Picanto

Fun is a big part of Kia’s image;  Think the rockin’ Kia Hamsters.  So, it’s no surprise the company wants you to have a ball on its Facebook page.   If you’re a puzzler you’re certain to enjoy yourself thanks to the Kia Beat Pop game!  The idea is to slide a single tile in line with 2 or more matching tiles.  Do, and the tiles will disappear and you’ll rack up points.  You have a minute to make as many matches as possible.  Just know this…  Beat Pop is addictive!

It’s also only the first stage of Beat Pop.  Stage 2 presents you with everything you need to create your own Kia Beat.  Mix and match a variety of drum tempos to find the one mix you like, record it, then submit it as part of the Kia Beat contest.  Every week someone will win an iPad with Retina display.  Then, at the end of the contest, the grand prize winner will take home a Kia Picanto!  Visit for details.  Have fun!


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