Ford Recalls 2013 Fusions and Escapes

2013 Ford Fusion

2013 Ford Fusion

If you own a 2103 Fusion or 2013 Escape expect Ford to send you a recall notice soon.  The company’s concerned more than 89,000 4-cylinder vehicles sporting a 1.6 liter EcoBoost engine could overheat.  Some vehicles have caught fire but Ford says no one has been injured.  Some If your dash lights up reading “Engine Power Reduced to Lower Temps” or “Engine Over Temp, Stop Safely”, consider yourself warned.  Ford says your best bet is to stop driving the vehicle altogether.  Call us at Butler Ford (888-715-3972) to make an appointment to get your vehicle fixed.  Then call 866-436-7332 to set up alternate transportation.  Both repairs and an interim set of wheels will be on Ford’s tab.  To see if your Fusion or Escape is included in the recall enter your VIN at

Along the same lines, more than 19,000 2013 Fusions are being recalled for a problem that could cause the headlights to become hazy.  Ford will begin sending recall notices to affected owners on December 10th.


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