Butler Holiday Lunch 2012

IMG_1636There’s something about tradition that’s comforting.  Every year, Butler Auto holds a holiday lunch or two (one for the Ashland stores, one for the Medford stores) that sees not only current employees but some former ones getting together for a potluck meal, hugs, stories, appreciation, and whole lot of catching up on each other’s lives.  This year was especially poignant as we bid farewell to half of our marketing department.  Kayla Young, who also happens to be a professional photographer, shoots all our vehicle photos and does all our graphic design.  But she’s leaving us for new opportunities in another state and we’re all terribly sad to see her go.  She, however, was embarrassed by the attention as we all offered up words like “genuine”, “priceless”, and “joyful” to describe her.  But once someone’s in your heart they never really leave, right?  Maybe that’s why traditions, like the lunch get-together, are so important.  They remind us to look in our hearts and see who resides there.


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