Da Bears… at Butler!

Look... in the lower right-hand corner... a bear!

Look… in the lower right-hand corner… a bear!

Ashland is known for its wildlife. The Southern Oregon town is nestled at the base of the Siskiyou Mountains and the Ashland Watershed so it’s not unusual to see deer and other critters wandering into city limits from the hillsides above. But it is unusual to see what Butler Acura technician Iman Pirasteh saw on his way to his car after work the other day: bears! Two of ‘em! On the hillside above the back parking lot. Iman stopped long enough to shoot a photo before running back inside to grab a co-worker. He wanted to make sure someone else saw the bears, you know! He tells us it was a mama bear and cub. Butler legend had it that another employee spotted a bear on the adjacent property but that was years ago and no one really knew for sure. Guess we do now!


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