Butler Acura Service Advisor Wows Acura Secret Shopper

Way to go, Joe!

Way to go, Joe!

It’s easy to pass a business review when you know you’re being evaluated. But getting high marks when you don’t know you’re being graded is a different story… and one Butler Acura Service Advisor Joe Butterfield knows firsthand.

Early in January 2013 a representative from Acura’s corporate office called our service department armed with a story about being concerned that the check engine light had turned on. The conversation was brief but thorough and ended with the Acura representative’s concluding that Joe had handled the interaction beautifully. The review was the best given to any Acura dealership in Oregon! Read on for the rep’s remarks. And, way to go, Joe!

Remarks from Acura “Secret Shopper”:

“I spoke with Joe. He advised the light is a reminder and does not indicate anything is wrong with the vehicle. He stated it is an oil and filter change and tire rotation. I stated it sounds like an A1 then? He stated for an A1 Acura does not require that they replace the filter but they do anyway because of the climate. He quoted $34.95 and stated that includes a multi-point inspection and would take about an hour if I wanted to wait. If not, they do offer a shuttle service. He then asked if he could schedule the appt. I declined stating the light just came on so I have some time. He understood and stated I can give
him a call back. If he’s not available please leave a message and he will follow up with me. He asked for my name and if I had been there before and I said no. He suggested I come down and see them. Overall, very friendly. He answered all my questions and more so. I got the feeling that he would appreciate my business without being pushy for the appt.”


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