Relating to a Vehicle Like a Significant Other

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Choosing a vehicle is lot like picking a mate.  At least that’s how one DC-area Ford owner describes his relationship with his Focus ST.  So much so that he wrote the car a letter… not necessarily a love letter but one that describes the issues he’s had with the vehicle and urges some “long term thinking”.  His biggest complaint is their lack of communication… the Focus speaks Ford SYNC.  He does not.  Sound familiar?

This blogger can relate. After nine years I’m still in love with my Jeep Wrangler but it does have some quirks that annoy me. Take, for example, poor gas mileage and a ‘check engine’ light that likes to come on for no (apparent) reason. But I choose to focus on the positive: It’s fun to drive, the top comes off, and the windows have to be rolled down manually (we technophobes LOVE that!). As long as we continue to appreciate the good stuff, I forsee a long future of togetherness for the two of us.

The Focus owner agrees. As with any relationship, the one he has with his ST is riddled with pros and cons but, ultimately he says “she still puts a smile on my face and that’s what really matters.” *Sigh* We love a happy ending!


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