5 Ways to Ruin Your Ride

broken-down-carWe’ve told you what you need to do to extend the life of your vehicle but some may find that list overwhelming. So, let’s come at it from the other direction and discuss the easiest ways to destroy your ride. We culled this list from a variety of internet sources as well as the guys in the Butler Service Center so, if you’re looking to help your vehicle along to an early demise, this is the list to follow.

5. Use dishwashing detergents (or other cleansers not designed for automotive care) to wash your vehicle… in the sun

4. Keep driving when the vehicle overheats

3. Ignore the check engine light

2. Postpone regularly scheduled maintenance (including oil, oil filter, and fuel filter changes)

1. And the number one thing you can do to ruin your ride is ignore regularly scheduled/recommended maintenance, especially oil changes

Sources:  www.finance.yahoo.com, www.ridelust.com, www.carcarepeople.com, www.coolcarautoair.com


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