Americans Spent Thousands on Fuel in 2012

PumpI’ve never been one of those people who fills up their tank every time they stop at the gas station. Instead, I’ll opt in favor of round numbers – $10 here, $20 there. So, while it took a while to notice I was spending more on fuel than I used to, I am now, painfully, noticing.

The US Energy Information Administration says the average American family shelled out nearly $2,912 for gasoline last year. That’s nearly 4% of the average household income! What’s worse is that while we spent more on fuel than we have during just about any year in the past 30 (with the exception of 2008), we actually purchased LESS fuel! That means that sticker shock you feel is justified. And I’m not the only one cutting back on road trips. The US EIA says, even though newer models are more fuel efficient, we’re all driving fewer miles.

So, while I’ll continue putting $20 at a time in the tank, I will also continue to visit the pump more often. And, yes, that’s called denial.



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