Four Senior Master Certified Technicians Call Butler Service Centers Home

ChrisMay          JimMcKenna           JohnBergstrom          AllenCrawford

Chris May shakes his head when asked why he’s spent the last five years completing requirements to become an Acura Senior Master Certified Technician. “I always try to better myself,” he says. “It was the next step.” He’s in good company. Ford Senior Master Certified Technicians Jim McKenna and John Bergstrom, and Kia Senior Master Certified Technician Allen Crawford also put their extensive skills to use for Butler Auto Group. Butler Service Manager Curtis Hancock says the fact that he employs four Master Techs is remarkable. “There are stores twice our size that don’t have any, much less two or more.” Butler founder/owner, Chuck Butler, agrees. “It takes a tremendous amount of dedication and concentration,” he says. “It’s very unusual.”

To become a Senior Master Certified Technician Chris, Jim, John and Allen spent copious amounts of time attending every class their particular auto manufacturer offers. In some cases that can be hundreds of courses. Sometimes the schooling meant taking time off work and traveling. That’s one of the reasons the designation is so rare. For example: Acura says, including Chris May, the company certified just six current Senior Master Certified Technicians in the entire state of Oregon. But the work pays off; for the techs, for Butler, and especially for customers. “It means I can give them any car in any condition and know they can handle it,” says Hancock. “That means brakes, transmission, engine… anything!”

Between them, the four Master Techs have nearly 40-years of experience working at Butler. The company plans to honor them with a special dinner. Butler Ford Service Manager Richard Bennett says he’s proud of his guys. “It feels awesome. I know the hard work they’ve put in.” Hancock concurs. “It’s a huge commitment on their level and Butler’s level,” says Hancock. “We’re lucky to have ‘em.”


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