Love is Everywhere

MyHearts copyThey say love is everywhere if you look in the right places.   I’ve found the right places often appear if I start with feeling love rather than searching for it.  For example, while walking the beach at Face Rock last weekend, I found myself reflecting on the people who bring me joy, who’ve earned my trust, who accept and like me just as I am.  The further I walked, the more love pulsed through my cells.  And the more that feeling expanded internally, the more hearts started appearing externally – in the shape of a rock, or a leaf, even drawn in the sand (photos above)!

So, on this day dedicated to love, whether you are part of a couple or not, I invite you to let love grow inside you in order to see it manifested in the world around you.  And if you need inspiration, check out the gallery of hearts other people have found in nature below.  Happy Valentine’s Day!


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