Spring Car Cleaning

Image courtesy:  autoblog.com / Time for a bath?

Image courtesy: autoblog.com / Time for a bath?

We’re taking Punxatawney Phil at his word that Spring will be arriving early this year. Which means we’re already thinking about Spring cleaning. Here’s a list of some of our favorite tips for sprucing up your vehicle for the season of renewal.


1. Remove all unnecessary stuff, like the 14 pens under the passenger seat and the (hopefully) empty travel mugs rolling around on the floor.

2. Stow anything you want to keep in the car. If there’s not enough room in the console or glove box for your maps (yes, some of us do still use them), first aid kits, and travel supplies invest in a plastic or rubber storage bin to slide under a seat or keep in the trunk.

3. Clean. Start with the vaccuum. Follow up with cleaners appropriate for the surface you’re scrubbing (leather, plastic, glass and carpet). Diluted laundry soap works great on seatbelts. There’s even chewing gum cleaner, although you may have to search for it online or ask your local detailer where to find it. Always apply cleaners to a sponge or cloth and never directly on the surface. For tiny spots (heater vents, cup holders) use a toothbrush, paintbrush or Q-Tip.


1. Park in the shade.

2. Pre-soak the entire vehicle.

3. Use a soap designed for washing cars and a clean rag, sponge or lamb’s wool mitt (swap it out for another one to clean wheels and tires). Follow directions on the soap’s packaging.

4. Soak, wash, and rinse one section at a time, starting at the top and working your way down.

5. Wax. You can choose between three types: liquid, paste and spray. There are pros and cons to all three. Consumer Reports can help you pick one.

6. Check tires for tread wear and proper inflation (check your owner’s manual for appropriate psi).

Now, you’re set to roll into Spring in style! And don’t forget, if you don’t have the time or energy to do the work but still want to spruce up your vehicle for Spring, Butler’s Service Centers will be happy to do it for you!

Sources:  www.consumerreports.org, www.kia-buzz.com, www.cartalk.com




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