Delivering ODOT Trucks

5 of the 6 stopping for breakfast

5 of the 6 stopping for breakfast

Sometimes you just need a change of pace. I got mine last Friday when, rather than report to Butler Ford like usual, I spent the day driving an ODOT truck.

Okay… While that statement is technically true it’s also a little misleading. The truck was an ODOT truck, one of six the Oregon Department of Transportation recently purchased from Butler Ford but, it wasn’t in service at the time I was behind the wheel. It was, as they say, in transition. I was one of six drivers delivering the new rigs to Salem, seven if you count Butler Ford Fleet Manger Mike “Coach” Cocchiara who brokered the ODOT deal and drove the van that would eventually haul us all back to Ashland. The schoolbus-yellow F-150 1/2 tons were base models, meaning they had cruise control but manually operated windows, and were brand-spankin’ new; The odometer on mine showed 5 miles when we left town at 6:15 Friday morning.

By the time we arrived in Salem I didn’t want to give the truck up. As Coach says about the new F-150’s, “They do drive nicely.” So, ODOT drivers can rest assured they’ll be traveling in comfort, and Coach can breathe easily knowing any time he needs a driver to deliver a truck, all he has to do is ask me if I need a change of pace.


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