To EV or Not to EV

2013 Ford Focus Electric

2013 Ford Focus Electric

With the ever fluctuating price of fuel ditching your gasoline engine in favor of an electric vehicle (EV) may be looking like a pretty good option. But it’s not that simple. There are things you need to know, specifically about factors that will affect range and the manufacture’s estimated MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent).

Electric vehicles are designed for niche markets and tend to be most efficient when driving on flat ground in a city setting. You’ll also have to consider what and who you’ll be hauling – if you think your EV would be great to carpool with your four burly buddies you’ll need to take into account how much they – and you – weigh. Or maybe you’re in sales and plan to load the cargo area with inventory. Again, weight will affect your EV’s efficiency. Before you buy, spend some time cruising around

You’ll find vehicle reviews, technology explanations, news, forums and a whole lot more. And if you do go electric (or hybrid) don’t forget to look into federal tax incentives. Pacific Power offers a breakdown of federal and state benefits and incentives.


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