SpyCamp to Train Would-Be Auto-parazzi

Priddy 4Are you longing to go somewhere new on your vacation this year?  Somewhere warm, with exclusive views, and a host of photo opportunities…somewhere ripe with automotive intrigue?  Then Brenda Priddy’s got just the ticket… SpyCamp!

You may not recognize Priddy’s name but if you’re a connoisseur of automotive magazines you’ve undoubtedly seen her work.  Priddy’s website says she and her company “specialize in industrial automotive spy photography”, meaning she’s learned to be in the right place at the right time when automakers are testing their newest, often camouflaged, models.  This July, she’ll teach you to do the same.  As befitting a “spy” camp, the event will be held at an undisclosed location somewhere in Arizona.  Yes, in July.   You’ll pay $775 to attend, not including travel, hotel, or transportation.  If you’re interested email spycamp2013@gmail.com for an application and more information.  You can also follow Ms. Priddy on Facebook and Twitter .

Sources:  www.autoblog.com, https://twitter.com/BrendaPriddy



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