What Do Women Want?

Pink paint may not be the way to a female car-buyer's heart.

Pink paint may not be the way to a female car-buyer’s heart.

It’s an age-old question asked not only by men in general but also by the automotive industry: What do women want? We posed the question to Butler Automotive founder and president Chuck Butler who said the industry is getting better at appealing to female customers. As an example, he calls attention to the vehicles of the 1950s and ‘60s. They were behemoths, lumbering islands of metal that men loved. Some still do. But Chuck says women wanted smaller vehicles because they’re easier to handle and more fuel efficient. And while the fairer sex wants power under the hood she also wants to be able to reach the stereo controls without having to stretch. When it comes to choosing a vehicle Chuck says women tend to lean towards power, practicality, and convenience. He then pointed out that this writer and her fuel-thirsty, all manual, power-nothing Jeep Wrangler buck that trend. Which again begs the question: What DO women want??

So, ladies, we want to know what YOU want in a ride! Do you like the brawn of a truck, the speed of a sportscar, or the utility of an SUV, and why? Send your answers and a pic of your vehicle to customersfirst@butlerman.com and we’ll include it in this blog!


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