Whoops! We Spilled.









Whether it’s coffee, soda, or the top scoop of an ice cream cone, every owner of a new car knows that sooner or later something will spill in their vehicle.  Some are lucky, soaking the interior with nothing more damaging than bottled water.  But others… well, let’s just say their vehicle never again smells quite right.  The Butler family’s no different.  Here are some of our “Oops!” moments.

Chris Lagan WebAs any parent knows giving a child a beverage in the car can be a sketchy proposition.  Chris says her two kids lacquered the interior of their Ford Explorer with lots of milk and HiC Orange.  Stickiness!



Larry Moss WebLarry’s love of milkshakes backfired when he accidentally knocked his over while driving.




Les Harper WebLes recalls the goopy mess that resulted when a crockpot of baked beans toppled over.




Richard Parker WebThe black carpeting in Rich’s car turned white when a ½ gallon of bleach toppled over in the back seat.   In typical fashion, when asked who was to blame for the incident, Rich replied, “The lid.”




Randy Tolbert WebRandy spilled white paint all over the carpet in his full size Chevy Blazer.  “Never got it all out,” he says.




KaylaJillPhotography-15My worst spill had to have been a 5 gallon bucket of vegetable beef soup.  The entire bucket emptied onto the floor in the back seat.  There was so much soup in the car that it looked like a feed trough.




Drew Bechard WebDrew was transporting a turkey he’d cooked when the pan slipped, dumping turkey grease all over the upholstery.  But the grand prize goes to his buddy who, while on a summer road trip with Drew, spilled a froofy coffee drink made with milk.  The heat not only curdled the milk, but after melting the ice in the cooler, also heated up the crawdads inside.  The odor lasted the entire length of their 5-hour drive.  “Worst road trip ever,” he says.

For whatever you’ve spilled – or will spill – there’s probably an effective cleaning agent.  Click here for more information.


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