Sweet Dreams of the Acura Stealth Concept

There’s no question we at Butler Acura are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Acura NSX although it could be a while since we’re not even sure which model year it’ll be.  But that’s okay because we have concept designs from the past to dream about, and not just NSX concepts, either.  One in particular stands out.  It’s the 2008 Acura Stealth sports car.  The Stealth is the brainchild of Alex Chou, a transportation design student at California’s Art Center College of Design.  The stylized design obviously mimics the contours of the Stealth fighter je.  What’s less obvious is the reason for the extended window panel on the driver’s side hood.  Get this:  it changes color according to engine rpm!  The Stealth is powered by a V6 with an electric motor backup.   As for whether the Stealth will ever become a reality, our bet is no.  But the fact that this dream won’t come true does nothing to lessen its dreaminess.

Sources:  www.diseno-art.com


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