Ford Competition Solicits Fuel-Usage Apps

Ford hopes you can add to its already long list of apps.

Ford hopes you can add to its already long list of apps.

Ford’s looking for a few good app developers to design programs to assist drivers in understanding how they use fuel.  So the Blue Oval’s created the “Ford Personalized Fuel Efficiency App Challenge” for developers to submit their mobile and web-based app ideas.  Jim Farley, Ford’s executive vice president of global marketing, sales and service says, “We’re really excited to see just what consumers and developers come back to us with on sharing and understanding their own fuel economy performance.  The aim of the challenge is to empower drivers with the information they need to drive smarter and to find ways to share that information in order to help others understand what fuel economy they can expect in various driving situations.”

The competition is open to individuals or groups of up to 50 people.  Submissions must include a functional Android app or link to a web app, and a video demonstrating the app’s use..  The apps, which must be OpenXC based, will be evaluated by a panel of judges looking a three criteria:  viability, user interface, and vehicle data.  The competition closes July 24, 2013.  Visit for details and submission information.


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