Hands-Free Does Not Mean Distraction-Free

Be sure you stop the car first.

Be sure you stop the car first.

A new study conducted by the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A & M suggests that no form of texting while driving is safe.  The study, which focused specifically on programs that convert voice to text, involved 43 test subjects who were scored on their ability to navigate a test course without an electric device, and then while using voice-to-text. While it’s often assumed gadgets that employ voice recognition technology make communicating while driving safer the study showed not only that voice-to text programs were just as distracting as texting by hand, but also took up to twice as long to operate resulting in twice the amount of time drivers weren’t looking at the road.  You already know the moral of this story… You may even have hollered it at another driver at some point:  Put the phone away and drive.

Sources:  ww.ctvnews.ca, http://www.autoblog.com


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