Hyundia Focuses on Creating Social Responsibility

Hyundai teams with Habitat for Humanity.

Hyundai teams with Habitat for Humanity.

With the quality of Hyundai vehicles improving exponentially over the past decade you might think there wouldn’t be many resources available to dedicate in other areas.  But Hyundai’s focused on much more than delivering a great product.  The company believes in creating social responsibility and, as such, is involved in boosting the health and education of America’s youth, creating communities through volunteerism, and offering assistance wherever it can.  Whether by supporting programs that offer scholarships, setting up math labs in California, or providing kids in Chicago with coats, Hyundai’s there to help youngsters learn, grow and develop.  The Hope on Wheels Foundation exists solely to raise awareness of, and money to fight, childhood cancer.  Hyundai pitches in with Habitat for Humanity to help families who otherwise wouldn’t own a house to realize the American dream.  And when Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast Hyundai donated half a million dollars in relief funds.  With such an interest in making the world a better place it only makes sense that Hyundai’s focus on quality would be reflected in its product.


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