Pumpcast News: Real or Not, We Love It

'Pumpcast News' / Image courtesy: The Tonight Show

‘Pumpcast News’ / Image courtesy: The Tonight Show

In the span of five minutes this morning I discovered the existence of The Tonight Show’s “Pumpcast News” sketch, fell in love with the bit, and was heartbroken to read of its possible fakery.  Such is the speed of information these days.  But despite allegations that the “man (or woman) at the pump” interviews may be staged, the idea that unsuspecting motorists might be engaged in conversation (or song) in the most common of situations (pumping gas) by the most unlikely of people (a supposed news anchor live from the desk via candid camera and television moniter) still makes me giggle.  Anything to detract from the once-again rising price of gas.  Whether it was a legitimate ambush interview or a choreographed event, I still find it fun.  Check out the video below and tell us what you think.


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