Inside Hyundai’s Design Process

2013 Hyundai Veloster

2013 Hyundai Veloster

When Hyundai came out with the Veloster there were those who scoffed at the unique design.  It was bold.  It was unusual.  And whether you liked it or not, it demanded attention.  So, there were critics.  But there were a whole lot of supporters, too, people who loved the idea that a vehicle didn’t have to follow the mold, who appreciated that the company wasn’t afraid to be different.  Regardless of which side you fell (or fall) on, you may still be wondering what designers for the Korean automaker were thinking.  How, exactly, does a car company create?

Wonder no more!  Hyundai’s letting us all in on its design process!  The Hyundai Worldwide website has set aside a section to walk you through the process, from concept to production.  Where do designers get their ideas?  What goes into bringing those ideas to life?  How are colors chosen?  Click here to find answers to those questions and more.  It might not make you love the Veloster but might foster an appreciation for the work that goes into every Hyundai, regardless of model.


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