Butler Sets Aside Rivalry for 4-Day Sale

Behind the scenes of the Statewide Sale commercial shoot

Behind the scenes of the Statewide Sale commercial shoot

This past weekend marked a first in Butler Ford/Acura history – a joint sale with TC Chevy next door.  That meant I got to shoot television commercials with TC Chevy owner and spokesman Derek DeBoer.  A marketing team came down from Seattle to spend Wednesday morning helping us shoot 26 look-live television commercials to air all day Friday and Saturday.  26 commercials!  Derek and I had never even met much less worked together so the fact that the marketers had booked a flight out Wednesday afternoon lent some urgency to the project.  But everything went remarkably smoothly!  Derek was a kick to work with and we fell into a groove easily.  All 26 ads were in the bag in three hours or less.  It was awesome.   And I say that without first checking on the sale results.  All I know is that being able to set aside a rivalry, even if just for a four-day sale, enhanced energy around Butler’s Ashland campus and boosted spirits in the name of teamwork.  Thanks to Derek and the guys with the Statewide Sale!  Should the idea of teaming up in business ever arise again you can count me in!


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