Look for Shawn’s ’67 Shelby Mustang in the Medford Cruise

Image courtesy:  Shawn Adams

Image courtesy: Shawn Adams

Car shows and cruises were two of the subjects Shawn and I talked about a lot while he worked with Butler’s Collision Center to turn his stock 1967 Mustang into a ’67 Shelby. With the application of every specialized part and layer of paint he was one step closer to showing off his baby, his dream, his Shelby tribute car. Quite a few events came and went while the work was underway and, through it all, Shawn was patient.

But now, it’s time to put the Shelby on display! Look for Shawn and his gorgeous red convertible to appear during the 2013 Medford Cruise. He’ll be at Hawthorne Park the weekend of June 15th and 16th for the Show ‘N Shine. But he’s most excited to be participating in the Downtown Cruise the night of the 15th! You won’t even have to look for him… you’ll hear him comin’! Hope to see you out there!


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